“Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being”

  • With Panchkarma Treatments Rs.6,000 per day / per person
  • Without Panchkarma Treatments Rs.3500 per day / per person
  • Shared Room with Panchkarma Treatments for two people Rs.10,000 per day for two people

The above tariff includes:

  • Air–conditioned and space-heated accommodation with free access to Wi-Fi
  • Ayurveda vegetarian meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Welcome foot & head massage on the day of arrival
  • Consultation and pulse diagnosis by Ayurveda Doctors
  • Ayurveda treatments as per the daily schedule
  • Ayurveda food diet chart as per Ayurveda Doctor’s recommendations
  • Morning / evening Yoga sessions by expert in Oorja wellness center.(Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga).
  • Resident Ayurveda Doctors
  • Medical staff and nursing services

The above tariff excludes:

  • Medicines prescribed by the Ayurveda Doctors. They can be purchased from the Oorja’s in-house pharmacy.
  • Any kind of pathological tests recommended by the Ayurveda Doctor for the diagnosis of the ailment.
  • Laundry services. It can be availed from the nearby laundry
  • Taxi services for local sightseeing within or nearby Margao/ goa.

OPD Services

The out-patient department (OPD) in Oorja Wellness Center provides complete medical guidance and expert advice to the patients coming in need of solutions for their health problems.

Name of the Doctor Morning Evening
Dr Sneha Bhagwat

Skin and fertility specialist and Panchakarma programmer

10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

5.30pm to 7.30 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Dr Pranav Bhagwat

EYE ENT specialist . Also successfully treats joint disorders,neurological problems,child health problems,Epilepsy,Autism,ADHD SLE and other degenerative disorders.

10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Monday to Saturday

Except – Friday & Sunday

5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Monday to Saturday

Except – Friday & Sunday

Dr Priya Agarwal




3.00 pm to 7.00 pm


Dr Prathamesh Karpe

Ano-rectal surgeon

Every Tuesday


Dr Aditi Tendulkar

Psychologist(MSc psychological counselling, PGD in hypnotherapy )

on appointment basis


Different treatments mainly includes


The word ‘Abhayangam’ indicates massage. Therefore, this popular medicated oil massage therapy is aimed at improved body circulation, rejuvenation, improved muscle and tissue strength, trimming down cellulite and weight loss, relieves stress, improved skin tones, eliminates toxins, reduces aches and pains, induces better sleep and promotes better energy..

At Oorja wellness center our experts keep a keen watch on the patients and take help of their diagnosis while recommending the specific type of oil (medicated) for every patient.


The basic aim of this procedure is to help relax and revitalize our mind and nervous system. In addition, this therapy is excellent to treat insomnia, hair loss, some mental diseases like depression and anxiety, de-stressor, memory loss and some skin complaints.

In Shirodhara, after a good head massage, medicated warm oil that is infused with herbs is poured slowly, steadily and in an uninterrupted flow from a vessel placed over the head and is aimed directly at the forehead and scalp. Sometimes depending on the need of the patient, instead of oil, medicated buttermilk is recommended by doctors.

Oorja Spa & Massage Therapy

  • Ayurvedic Full Body Massage+ steam & shower
  • Leaf Bundle Full Body Massage
  • Marma Full Body Massage
  • Lymphatic Full Body Massage
  • Shirodhara Full Body Massage
  • Rice Bundle Full Body Massage