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The most important fundamental of Ayurveda is prevention of Ailment. This in modern terminology is all what is termed as Wellness. Being in tune with the modern lifestyle, identifying the problems, doing research at the grass root level, and after clinical practice of 15 years we have come up with a wellness center to provide solutions for most of the life style based diseases.



One of the most important aspects of lifestyle is curing of the diseases. In Ayurveda after the complete assessment of an individual, getting down to the roots of the problem becomes easy. Thus, we strive and aim at complete eradication of any ailments in Oorja Wellness Centre.


We have regular yoga sessions going on at Oorja wellness center in the mornings and in the evenings as well. Practicing yoga in a natural environment under the guidance of a Yoga master is definitely an important step amongst the wellness activities during the day.

Ayurveda medicine store

Oorja has exclusive collection of complete nature based organic products. This collection include food supplements, cosmetics, herbal products and many more. It is definitely healthy shopping paradise for health conscious and nature lovers.

Home Stay

 In today’s stressful world it is very difficult to find space where one can feel completely relaxed. But the rooms at Oorja Wellness Center are designed in such a way that one gets a feel of living in a cozy Portuguese oriented house.
At Oorja home stay we have tried our level best to create a different environment, wherein if somebody wishes to stay just for a change is also welcome!!!



About Oorja

Ayurveda looks at the disease free society, by following a specific lifestyle, and particular diet pattern. Rather than knowing what one should do, in order to avoid ailments it is adequate to know what one should not do. It was a thought that was conceived after a detailed analysis of the present conditions seen in the society. Where in its been observed that in most of the situations its well known to the public, what is needed to be done in a given situation. What practically is lacking is an avenue to avail a particular facility or expertise or a medicine to improvise one’s health condition.

Idea of giving a complete health solution as a need of the society was a triggering thought in the process of framing “OORJA WELLNESS CENTER”. likeminded qualified Doctors under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Sneha Bhagwat is working hard to take the “OORJA WELLNESS CENTER” to a different heights. The concept of wellness in other countries is restricted to just fitness and diet. Whereas Ayurveda looks at complete wellness, that includes physical, mental and spiritual wellness of a person.



Patients Speak

Be Cautious!!!

Dear Patients please take a serious note of the following

Please do insist for a doctor’s certificate once you enter any clinic.

Be aware of the fake certificates, without university name and registration number.

Incase if you are entering any Ayurveda massage center, spa or a wellness center, make sure all the therapist, masseurs are qualified to carry out the procedures.

Do not hesitate to demand all these certificates if they are not displayed.

Make sure the room is clean and hygienic as it’s your basic right, for which you pay the money.


Whats New

Hello Everyone
Oorja Spa has launched two luxurious new spa treatments for use at its outlet at OORJA WELLNESS CENTRE
The deliciously named CHOCOLATE MASSAGE:
is an indulgent treatment for the body using Dead Sea salts, essential oils and warmed 100% pure cocoa butter. A body scrub and massage that is supremely indulgent and unforgettable, Oorja Chocolate Massage is guaranteed to leave skin feeling hydrated, re-mineralised and infused with a deliciously indulgent scent.
U can choose from up to three different options-
1. mint scrub+Chocolate massage,
2. orange almond scrub+ chocolate massage
3. Chocolate Massage
U  can also opt for either back, neck and shoulder chocolate massage or a full body chocolate massage.
Back+ neck+ shoulder chocolate maassage for
Rs. 1200/- only
Full body chocolate massage for Rs. 2300/- only
Introductory offer
Book for chocolate full body massage and get chocolate facial free
For details and booking your slot
Call on: 9145617770

Introducing Fish pedicure
Come pamper your feet

Experience natural way of exfoliation of dead skin.

Relive from your stress n tensions.

Lighten your foot scars.

Make your feet look n feel smoother.


Oorja's Winter Beauty Package

Package 1:
Pachamrut facial+ Spa Pedicure or manicure+  green apple waxing (full arms and legs)
Price: 2300/-

Package 2:
Herbal facial +hair spa+ Pedicure
Price: 1600/-

Package 3:
Clean up+ waxing (full arms and legs)+ Spa Manicure or Foot spa
Price: 1300/-

Avail Complimentary:
Fish Pedicure Or Head Massage

For booking call on: + 91 9145617770

Winter Rejuvenation 

Get Indulged in nourishing and hydrating full body massage with exotic range of full body massage balm. Let the best version of your self be visible this winter.

Package Includes:
Package 1
Indian Patchouli Massage
(Massage is done with patchouli balm. Patchouli essentials oils has properties as an antidepressant, helps in treating dry chapped skin, prevents wrinkles and gives protection against different skin infections.)

Package 2:
Malaysian body balm 
(Full body massage with mango and passion fruit balm. Nourishes the skin and keeps it softer. Removes dead skin cells. Makes the skin clear and leaves a glow. Fights against ageing, helps in maintaining healthy skin)
Price :1799/-

Get Complimentary
Facial or Fish Pedicure

For appointment call on: +91 9145617770